Dynamic temperature control systems, adapted for your application!

Flat Flange Glass Reactor Systems. DURAN® Borosilicate 3.3


No comparison with conventional temperature control engineering.

Budget friendly cooling and heating circulators. Innovative technology with safe and easy operation!

EVERYTHING FOR YOUR LAB...and even more!

Time savings and the resulting cost minimization, as well as increased efficiency and flexibility are of fundamental importance for the daily work in the laboratory. As well as the continuous increasing demands on the laboratory staff. For these successes, a state-of-the-art and functionally reliable laboratory equipment and supplies is decisive.


LABEDA as a one stop laboratory supplier, offers the full range of laboratory products from A - Z. Everything that´s necessary for a smooth, safe and efficient workflow in and around your laboratory, research facility, industrial production area or wherever you want to rely on quality products to achieve best results.


From the design of laboratory furniture and safety cabinets, to innovative media supply concepts for gas and water, to laboratory technology, you will find everything you need for future-proof laboratory equipment.


State-of-the-art glass reactor systems, dispersing and maintenance-free stirring solutions, environmentally friendly temperature systems and thermostatic circulator or rotary evaporators, the latest weighing and dosing systems, bioreactors in all variants, consumables and accessories of all kinds.


Order your laboratory supplies simple and fast in our "ONE STOP - LAB SHOP". We support our international customers in all important areas of chemistry, pharmacy, biotechnology and analytics, with our comprehensive selection of laboratory solutions made of glass, metal and high-performance plastics. Our product range includes +280.000 from +200 Manufacturer primarily "MADE IN GERMANY".

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PILOTVAP® Manual Rotary Evaporator. Process-controlled technical rotary evaporator with rotating flask 10/20/50/ 100 Liters.

POWERVAP® Automated Rotary Evaporator. Fully automated technical rotary evaporator with rotating flask 6/10/20/50/100 Liter

Water Jet vacuum pump TOM-JET-1, the universal vacuum sources for your applications with extremely low water consumption.

"The LABEDA stirring solution for flasks. The compact and light weight body offers both mixing and sealing.

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